12 Dec 2006

Strong Support For Commonwealth Games Across The Province of NS

HALIFAX: Nearly eight-in-ten Nova Scotians strongly (38%) or mostly (39%) support Halifax hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014 according to a recent survey of residents in the province undertaken by Corporate Research Associates Inc. as part of its Atlantic Quarterly.

Support for the Games in Halifax is strong across the province, with the highest level of support recorded in Cape Breton (81%), followed by the rest of mainland Nova Scotia (79%) and Metro (72%). Among those supporting the Commonwealth Games, 59 percent cite the economic benefits associated with the games as the main reason for their support, followed by 40 percent who mention the increased profile of Halifax and Nova Scotia as the reason for their support. Among the small number in opposition (18%), the main reasons cited for such opposition is related to concerns over the costs of the Games or the opinion that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

“Clearly, Nova Scotians are solidly behind Halifax’s bid for the 2014 Games and recognize the significant economic benefits that will accrue to the entire province,” according to Don Mills, President & CEO, Corporate Research Associates Inc. “It is particularly interesting to note the strong support from all parts of the province for the Games.”

Support is strongest among those most likely to benefit the longest from the Games, that is, those aged 18-34 (89%) and weakest among those less likely to benefit from the long-term benefits, that is, those aged 55 years or more (61%).

These results are part of the CRA Atlantic Quarterly, an independent survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on a sample of 411 adult Nova Scotians, conducted between November 9 and December 4, 2006.  The results are considered accurate with + 4.8 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

For more information, please contact: Don Mills, President and CEO at (902) 722-3100.

Amanda Bates