11 Feb 2014

Strong Support for CFL Team in Halifax

HALIFAX:  There is a substantial base of support for a Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise in Halifax, according to the most recent Urban Report survey from Corporate Research Associates, Inc.  These results are similar to those found in 2005 with nearly one-half of HRM residents indicating they would definitely (25%) or probably (21%) attend at least one game during the regular season if Halifax had a CFL team, assuming ticket prices ranged between $40 to $60 per game. This translates into a fan pool of approximately 84,000 residents (among those aged 15 years and above), who would be likely to attend at least one CFL game per season at the proposed ticket prices.

Five percent of those surveyed indicate they would attend eight or more regular season home games, providing an opportunity for a reasonable potential season ticket base.  Of those likely to attend at least one game, the average predicted attendance per attendee is 2.9 games across a season.  Even discounting attendance intentions, there is an estimated market potential of at least over 27,000 attendees for each regular season home game.  This analysis does not include attendance from regional markets outside HRM, where there is likely to be considerable interest in a CFL franchise in Halifax.

Not surprisingly, interest in attending CFL games in Halifax is much stronger among males and younger residents, in particular those between the ages of 35 and 54 years.  Interest also increases with educational level and household income.

“Consistent with the results in 2005, there appears to be sufficient fan support for a CFL team within the Halifax Municipality alone,” said Don Mills, Chairman and CEO of Corporate Research Associates Inc. “Interestingly, the population of Halifax is nearly twice as large as that for Regina, home of one of the most successful CFL teams in Canada.”

These results are part of the CRA Halifax Urban Report, an independent survey of Halifax Regional Municipality residents. The overall results are based on a sample of 411 adult residents, conducted from January 31 to February 9, 2014, with results accurate to within +4.8 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

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