Sector Expertise

In business since 1978, Corporate Research Associates has developed an extensive breadth and depth of quantitative and qualitative market research experience in a number of important industry sectors. Take full advantage of CRA’s sector analysis expertise.


Our very first client was in the telecommunications industry (a client we still have). Over our history, CRA has grown up in the telecom industry and all the changes and transformations that the industry has undergone, including early competition in the long distance market and the de-regulation of the industry, the growth of Internet services and convergence, the development of television services through land line technology, as well as the remarkable evolution of wireless telephone service. Today we have expertise not only in understanding how people connect by voice, but in how people use social media tools.

Lottery and Gaming

Our market research and experience in the lottery and gaming industry has taken many forms over the years, providing a unique perspective on this sector. We have worked with lottery corporations across Canada to address the issue of social responsibility and responsible gaming concerns. We have been actively involved in new product development for lotteries (including online gaming research), the development and tracking of creative advertising campaigns and the public reputation of lotteries. CRA has worked with international casinos both in terms of assessing new market segments and measuring customer satisfaction. We have worked with gaming commissions to monitor problem gambling.

Financial Services

CRA’s experience in the finance services sector includes market research for both large and small financial institutions in the banking and insurance fields, both nationally and internationally. We have conducted marketing research with financial service clients to develop new service offerings, to monitor customer satisfaction with their services, to help develop new standards of service based on customer expectations, to assess Board of Directors performance, to measure employee commitment and loyalty through employee opinion surveys and to develop wealth management programs.

Tourism and Travel

Our extensive experience in the tourism and travel industry includes working with various travel destinations to develop appropriate marketing strategies and market segmentation, to evaluate creative advertising campaigns, to measure campaign conversion success and to develop new markets for DMOs. We have also worked with the travel trade in terms of meeting the evolving needs of the market, especially in the age of the Internet and its impact on traditional travel agencies. CRA has worked with transportation companies catering to the travel industry to more effectively package their services and build traffic. We have worked with federal and provincial tourism agencies in the development of their product.

Health Care

Our experience in the health care sector is with both public and private organizations. Corporate Research Associates has been involved in ground-breaking market research at the provincial level, for example, in the development of a patient navigation program for cancer patients and at the federal level in leading research to develop new policies dealing with the sale and distribution of tobacco products. We have experience speaking with patients, physicians, nurses and other health practitioners about their health conditions and experience with the healthcare system.

Public Utilities

Our experience in the public utility sector has been significant and broad based, both at the national and international level. We have been involved in the market assessment of Greenfield sites for the natural gas industry. We have worked with utilities on demand side management issues and developing public consensus on energy alternatives.

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