Public Opinion

With a full range of research services from large-scale quantitative surveys incorporating both telephone and online quantitative methodologies to in-depth qualitative studies, the professionals at CRA deliver insight into public opinion and market conditions that provide meaningful strategic direction to our clients.

Since its founding in 1978, CRA has developed an extensive array of technical and professional resources and utilizes a unique blend of innovative and traditional research techniques. Research services are customized to satisfy clients’ specific needs, to help develop knowledge-based, actionable initiatives and include a wide range of methodologies.

Regular quantitative practices include telephone research, online surveys, proprietary online panels and intercept studies, with hundreds of thousands of interviews conducted each year. Qualitative research practices include traditional in-person focus groups, Netfocus groups (online, real-time), in-depth interviews, super groups, and online discussion boards, with hundreds of groups and interviews conducted each year.

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