Moderation & Facilitation

Our use of innovative online qualitative methodologies also offers clients robust, cost-effective solutions.


Do you need a trained moderator to carry out your qualitative research? Do you need to understand the core beliefs and attitudes influencing customer perceptions?

CRA is pleased to offer an array of qualitative services including first-rate moderation and facilitation.

Our moderators are seasoned in managing sensitive projects and adept at utilizing projective techniques, conducting hundreds of focus groups, dyads, triads and one-on-one interviews every year. Specializing in in creative evaluation, brand positioning, understanding perceptions and consumer opinions or products and services provides clients with in-depth insights to those crucial questions.

Over the years our moderators have conducted thousands of qualitative studies for regional and national clients, both in the private and public sectors, and in both official languages. Taking innovation seriously, CRA has developed a variety of successful techniques more suitable for addressing specific research issues than traditional methodologies. Working with clients CRA will customize a tailored approach that best suits a particular the client’s needs.

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