Employee Opinion & Engagement Research

Providing insights to help you understand your employee satisfaction and commitment to your organization and its success.

How satisfied are your employees? Do they look forward to coming to work each day? What do your employees think about your organization as an employer?

As an essential part of any business, employees can offer valuable insights with a unique perspective of an organization from the inside out. CRA views employee opinion research as a step towards positive organizational change rather than a survey process alone. This approach to employee research has been well-tested and proven to be successful for numerous clients of all sectors and sizes. With over 35 years of experience, CRA has an unparalleled understanding of key employee-related issues and emerging staffing trends.

Standardized Employee Opinion Survey

Designed specifically to assist small and medium-size organizations in their efforts to attract and retain employees containing standardized questions focusing on key variables that impact employee engagement, satisfaction, commitment and retention.

Custom Employee Opinion Survey

For larger organizations and those with specific employee opinion needs developed from our databank of employee opinion research questions while ensuring appropriate customization addresses any of your unique issues or needs.

Qualitative Employee Opinion Research

Often, your real opportunities are not apparent. Through focus groups, in-depth interviews, online employee advisory panels and other qualitative research, let us help you find strategies to enhance your employee workplace environment.

Compare your organization to others

Using our more than 30 years’ experience in employee opinion research, CRA has developed an employee opinion key measures database allowing organizations to compare their survey results with other public and private sector organizations throughout Atlantic Canada. The database is accessible organizations conducting either a standardized or a custom employee opinion survey.

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