06 Dec 2010

Race Narrows Between PEI Liberals And PCs

HALIFAX:  Support for the ruling provincial Liberal Party in Prince Edward Island declined this quarter, according to the most recent survey conducted by Corporate Research Associates Inc. Presently, just over one-half of decided voters back the Liberal Party (53%, down from 61% in August 2010), while one-third support the Progressive Conservative Party under new leader Olive Crane (34%, up from 30%). Support for the Island New Democrats is stable (4%, compared with 6%), while support for the Green Party increased and stands at eight percent (up from 2%). The number of Islanders who are undecided declined, and currently rests at 31 percent (down from 39%).

Despite the modest shifts in voting intentions, government satisfaction remains high, with two-thirds of residents satisfied with the provincial government (65%, compared with 62%). The number of residents expressing dissatisfaction is stable (30%, compared with 28%), while four percent (down from 10%) do not offer a definite opinion at this time.

Liberal leader Robert Ghiz’s personal popularity remains stable this quarter. Currently, under one-half (47%, compared with 45% in August 2010) of residents prefer Ghiz for Premier, while the new leader of the PC Party, Olive Crane, has the backing of three in ten Islanders (29%, up from 17% three months ago). Six percent (up from 2%) prefer Sharon Labchuk of the Green Party, while two percent (compared with 4%) favour James Rodd of the Island New Democrats. Meanwhile, one percent of Islanders prefer the next leader of the Island Party of PEI (compared with 2%). Five percent (compared with 6%) prefer none of these leaders, while ten percent (down from 25%) are undecided at this time.

These results are part of the CRA Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on a sample of 303 adult Prince Edward Islanders, conducted from November 10 to November 29, 2010, with results accurate to within + 5.6 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

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Amanda Bates