02 Apr 2013

Nova Scotians Agree the NDP Government Should Balance the Budget

HALIFAX:  Nova Scotia residents agree that the current provincial government should balance the budget within the next fiscal year as promised, according to the most recent survey conducted by Corporate Research Associates Inc. 

When asked whether the provincial NDP government should keep its promise to balance the provincial budget in the new fiscal year, over six in ten (63%) Nova Scotia residents agree this promise should hold despite current economic conditions. Meanwhile, one-quarter (27%) of residents oppose a balanced budget in the next fiscal year, while one in ten (10%) do not offer a response or are unsure.

“The promise of the NDP Government to table a balanced budget aligns with the expectations of Nova Scotians,” according to Don Mills, Chairman and CEO of Corporate Research Associates. “Delivery of a balanced budget is likely critical to the re-election prospects for the Government.”

Support is similar across the province with two-thirds (65%) of HRM residents, six in ten (60%) Cape Breton residents and those in the rest of mainland (63%) in support of a balanced budget. Support for a balanced budget is higher among younger residents. Over three-quarters (77%) of Nova Scotians aged 18 to 34 support this strategy while two-thirds (66%) of those aged 35 to 54 years, and one-half (52%) of residents aged 55 years or older, favour this approach.

These results are part of the CRA Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent, quarterly survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on a telephone sample of 401 adult Nova Scotians, conducted from February 12 to March 3, 2013, with overall results accurate to within ± 4.9 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

For more information, please contact:
Don Mills, Chairman and CEO at (902) 493-3838
Margaret Brigley, President and COO at (902) 493-3830

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