09 Jul 2014

New Brunswickers Lean Towards Support of New Crown Forest Policy

HALIFAX:  With the approval of J.D. Irving, Limited, Corporate Research Associates Inc. (CRA) is releasing the results of a proprietary study conducted on their behalf following the Government’s recent decision to increase the sustainable wood supply from Crown land to maintain and grow jobs and investment in the forest industry of New Brunswick.  The results are in contrast to a recent poll by Dr. Tom Beckley.
The results of the CRA research indicate that New Brunswickers are slightly more supportive than opposed to the new forest management policy (5.7 on a ten-point scale, where “1” represents completely oppose and “10” represents completely support). Perhaps more interestingly, there is a high level of agreement that it is possible to protect the environment and create jobs at the same time (7.4 on a ten-point scale where “1” represents completely disagree and “10” represents completely agree).
At the same time, opinion is almost equally divided regarding “the new forestry management strategy will protect the long-term sustainability of the forests in New Brunswick” (rating of 5.3 on a ten-point agreement scale) or that the “strategy is in the best long-term interest of New Brunswick” (5.4 on a ten-point agreement scale).
The population in New Brunswick is somewhat confident (5.9 on ten-point scale where “1” represents not at all confident and “10” represents completely confident) that J.D. Irving, Limited will deliver on its commitment to invest $513 million in its pulp mill in Saint John, sawmills and woodlands across the province, creating over 1,200 construction jobs and over 300 full-time new jobs in the province.

This study was conducted for J.D. Irving, Limited between May 12 to May 29, 2014, using a random person-to-person telephone survey of a representative sample of 400 adults aged 18 years old or more across New Brunswick. A sample of this size provides a 95% level of statistical reliability with a plus/minus 4.9% margin of the error.

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