10 Dec 2010

Majority of Residents in HRM Support Proposed Convention Centre

HALIFAX: Coinciding with today’s announced agreement between the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and the Province of Nova Scotia, the most recent survey conducted by Corporate Research Associates, Inc., indicates that a clear majority of those living in the municipality either mostly (38%) or completely (18%) support the development of the proposed new convention centre in downtown Halifax. At the same time, about one in three residents either mostly (18%) or completely (14%) oppose the development. The remainder (12%) had either no response or opinion on the subject.

In all areas of the municipality those in support of the convention centre outnumber those in opposition. Support is highest in the former City of Halifax (63% support versus 27% oppose) and in Bedford/Sackville (62% support versus 29% oppose), and lowest in the former City of Dartmouth (47% support versus 39% opposed) and in the rural areas of the municipality (45% support versus 40% opposed).

Overall support increases with both household income and education level. In addition, an elevated percentage of those in the oldest age category (55 years or older) oppose (45% oppose versus 46% support), while those with perhaps the most at stake in terms of the future of the municipality (those 18 to 34 years old) were the most supportive of the decision to proceed (61% support versus 26% oppose).

These results are part of the CRA Halifax Urban Report, an independent survey of Halifax Regional Municipality residents. The results are based on a sample of 402 adult residents, conducted from November 2 to November 12, 2010, with overall results accurate to within +4.9 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

For more information, please contact: Don Mills, President and CEO at (902) 493-3838.

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