15 Jul 2013

CRA launches largest online panel in Atlantic Canada. They say bigger is better. We couldn’t agree more.

CRA is proud to announce the launch of Atlantic Pulse, giving access to the opinions of nearly 50,000 members of the Atlantic Canadian population.

Atlantic Pulse is an online membership of Atlantic Canadian residents who have agreed to give their opinions on a regular basis through online surveys.

Atlantic Pulse gives clients immediate access to the opinions of tens of thousands of residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador, with the ability to target opinions of specific and hard-to-reach individuals. Atlantic Pulse includes every day consumers and business professionals in urban and rural areas, and across hundreds of demographic and psychographic criteria.

Key advantages include access to:

– Young residents (over 5,000 Atlantic Canadians aged 18 – 25)
– Hard-to-reach segments (pre-screened on over 100 criteria)

We are able to segment our online panel by over 100 categories including type of alcohol consumed, home ownership, financial products used such as RRSPs and mortgages, leisure and sporting activities, media consumption habits, ownership of electronic devices, dining out habits, type of loyalty card used, vehicle ownership including type of vehicle owned, retail shopping behavior and much more.

For more information please contact:
Margaret Chapman, Vice President at (902) 493-3834.

View full media release here.

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