17 Jun 2010

2010 Atlantic Canada’s Best Places to Work

CRA attends 2010 "Atlantic Canada's Best Places to Work" awards luncheon sponsored by Progress Media.

Corporate Research Associates again made the annual list of Atlantic Canada’s Best Places to Work, sponsored by Progress Media.  “Making the list has become more competitive, and employee satisfaction levels required to make the list are climbing each year,” says Best Companies Group president Peter Burke. “Meeting these standards is no easy accomplishment.”

Progress Media notes:

A factor for this roster of progressive employers is that many excel at recruiting and retaining employees. . . The ongoing challenges of the volatile global economy require that employers be continuously focused on finding and developing productive and loyal employees. More than ever, there are proven benefits to creating a comprehensive ‘workplace experience’ for employees beyond the standard base pay and benefits. This year’s Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada exemplify such qualitative values, which focus on putting ‘people first’ including:

  • Frequent, transparent, and personalized communication to promote trust and respect.
  • Encouragement of flexible approaches to work/life balance
  • Meaningful recognition and appreciation
  • Opportunities to celebrate successes and have fun at work
  • Hands-on and highly visible leadership

At CRA, we are proud to be one of the ‘Best Places’ employers and we thank our employees for their ongoing support.

To view the Progress article click here.

Amanda Bates