Margaret Brigley, President & COO

As CRA’s President & COO, Margaret is responsible for the management of the company’s overall operations. Margaret joined CRA in February 1998 and offers clients more than 20 years of communications, marketing and research experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors.

Margaret’s research expertise includes both qualitative and quantitative methods, with a key focus on the measurement of customer service, employee opinion, product development, corporate image and advertising. As a professionally trained focus group moderator, Margaret has more than 18 years experience facilitating group discussions and in-depth interviews. Her moderation skills have encompassed audiences of all types, including discussions / interviews with hard-to reach audiences such as CEOs, physicians, opinion leaders, financial advisors and politicians. Margaret has developed specific expertise in the areas of education, financial services, consumer goods and services, utilities, tourism, international business and health sectors.

Prior to joining CRA, Margaret worked in the international financial services industry in Bermuda for six years. Her extensive experience in the financial services sector spans 15 years and includes regional, national and international studies for banks, insurance companies and reinsurance companies.

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Margaret is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University’s Bachelor of Public Relations Program (1986) and a member of MRIA. In 2003, Margaret received the national professional marketing research accreditation (CMRP).  Margaret is currently a Board Member of Nova Scotia Community College, the NSCC Foundation, the QEII Foundation and the advisory committee for Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame.  She is also actively involved as a volunteer in Canada’s research industry association (MRIA), sitting on the Research Advisory Committee, Qualitative Research Division and the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam committees.

Extensive experience

      Industry Sector                                          Expertise
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • International Business
  • Health
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Opinion
  • Product Development
  • Corporate Image
  • New Venture Feasibility
  • Branding and Creative Testing


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