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   1.  A Plurality of Atlantic Canadians are Pro-Choice
   2.  Au Nouveau-Brunswick, l’exploitation du gaz de schiste continue de diviser la population.
   3.  Shale Gas Continues to be a Divisive Issue in New Brunswick
   4.  Nova Scotians Divided on Toll Highways
   5.  Le Parti libéral fédéral maintient sa confortable avance dans l’ensemble du Canada atlantique
   6.  Federal Liberal Party Maintains Wide Lead Across Atlantic Canada
   7.  Satisfaction with NL Government Declines
   8.  PEI Liberals Maintain Lead Amidst Ghiz Resignation
   9.  NS Liberals Maintain Wide Lead Over Other Parties
   10.  New Brunswickers Cautiously Back New Government
   11.  Les Néo-Brunswickois soutiennent le nouveau gouvernement avec prudence
   12.  Consumer Confidence Continues to Lag in Saint John
   13.  Satisfaction with Municipal Government in Saint John Trends Down
   14.  NB Election Results Confirm Poll’s Accuracy
   15.  L’écart se rétrécit à l’approche des élections
   16.  Gap Narrows as Election Nears
   17.  Satisfaction with Municipal Government Continues to be High for Four Largest Maritime Cities
   18.  Moncton Consumer Confidence at Highest Level in Three Years
   19.  Les libéraux du Nouveau-Brunswick bénéficient toujours d’une avance confortable dans les intentions de vote, même si l’écart se resserre
   20.  PE Liberal Party Maintains Wide Lead Over PCs Although Gap Narrows
   21.  Honeymoon with McNeil Liberals Continues
   22.  NL Liberal Party Extends Lead in Voter Intentions
   23.  NB Liberals Still Well Ahead in Voter Intentions Although Gap Narrows
   24.  New Brunswickers Lean Towards Support of New Crown Forest Policy
   25.  Public Supports Recent Essential Services Legislation
   26.  Nova Scotians Remain Divided Regarding Diversity and Immigration
   27.  Les Libéraux du N.-B. prennent de l’avance dans les intentions de vote
   28.  NB Liberals Widen Lead in Voter Intentions
   29.  NL Government Satisfaction Continues to Improve
   30.  Satisfaction with PE Government Increases
   31.  Nova Scotians Remain Satisfied with Provincial Government
   32.  No Major Change in Consumer Confidence Evident in Region’s Largest Cities
   33.  Satisfaction with Maritime Municipal Governments Remain at Favourable Levels
   34.  Majority Support for Convention Centre Continues
   35.  While Accepting the Ivany Report Conclusion Related to Impending Economic Decline, Nova Scotians are Divided on Recommendations to Improve the Provincial Economy
   36.  Overwhelming Majority of NL Residents Support Dunderdale’s Resignation
   37.  New Brunswickers More Likely to Support than Oppose Recent Provincial Budget
   38.  Nova Scotians More Likely Than Other Atlantic Canadians to Get the Flu Shot
   39.  NB Liberals Maintain Lead Although Gap is Narrowing
   40.  NL Government Satisfaction Improves With New Leader
   41.  PEI Provincial Liberals Hold Wide Lead Over NDP
   42.  Satisfaction with NS Government Increases
   43.  Satisfaction with Municipal Government Improves among HRM and Fredericton Residents
   44.  Consumer Confidence Declines in Three New Brunswick Cities, Stable in Halifax
   45.  NS Commission on Building Our New Economy Study
   46.  Strong Support for CFL Team in Halifax
   47.  La majorité des Néo-Brunswickois soutient l’intervention de la GRC à l’égard des manifestants de Rexton
   48.  Majority of New Brunswickers Support the RCMP’s Response to Rexton Protestors
   49.  Atlantic Canadians Oppose Mandatory Voting
   50.  Public Has Mixed Opinions Regarding Aboriginal Issues
   51.  Au N.-B., les libéraux maintiennent leur avance dans les intentions de vote
   52.  CUP OF COFFEE: Mills mulls future of N.S.
   53.  NB Liberals Maintain Lead in Voter Intentions
   54.  Satisfaction with PE Government Rebounds
   55.  NS Liberal Support Surges After Election
   56.  NL Liberal Party Surges at the Expense of the NDP
   57.  Satisfaction With Municipal Government Declines Among Moncton Residents
   58.  Consumer Confidence in Moncton Now Highest Among Four Maritime Cities
   59.  The Chronicle Herald/CRA Poll Nailed It.
   60.  Nova Scotia 2013 Provincial Election Polling: Commentary
   61.  Strong Majority of Islanders Think Senator Mike Duffy Should Resign
   62.  Nova Scotians Support the Maritime Link UARB Decision
   63.  Atlantic Canadians Support a West-to-East Pipeline
   64.  Atlantic Canadians Do Not Favour Status Quo for Senate
   65.  Nova Scotia Provincial Election Polling
   66.  Evaluation Services
   67.  Popularity of NB Liberals Continues to Grow
   68.  La popularité des libéraux du Nouveau-Brunswick continue de croître
   69.  NL Liberal Party Continues to Gain Momentum, Gap Widens
   70.  NDP Gaining Ground in PE Voter Preference
   71.  NS Liberals Still Ahead Although Gap Narrows
   72.  Majority of HRM Residents Support a CFL Team in Halifax
   73.  Majority of Moncton Area Residents Support a CFL Team in Moncton
   74.  Moncton Residents Support Downtown Centre Development
   75.  Residents in Maritime Cities are Generally Satisfied With Their Municipal Government
   76.  Consumer Confidence in Halifax Highest Among Four Maritime Cities
   77.  CRA launches largest online panel in Atlantic Canada. They say bigger is better. We couldn’t agree more.
   78.  Montée des libéraux dans le Canada atlantique avec Trudeau
   79.  Liberals Surge Under Trudeau in Atlantic Canada
   80.  A Clear Majority of Residents Believe NL to be a ‘Have’ Province
   81.  Job Security Concerns on the Rise in Atlantic Canada
   82.  Les résidents du Nouveau Brunswick s’inquiètent des dangers du gaz de schiste et des avantages économiques flous
   83.  NB Residents Concerned With Shale Gas Safety, Economic Advantages Unclear
   84.  Atlantic Canadians Resistant to Basic EI Changes
   85.  Support for Governing PCs Continues to Deteriorate in NL
   86.  PE Liberals Maintain Comfortable Lead in Voter Preference
   87.  NS Liberals Widen Lead Although Many Voters Still Undecided
   88.  Popularity of NB Liberals Growing
   89.  La popularité du Parti libéral du Nouveau-Brunswick en hausse
   90.  Residents Hold Fredericton and Council in High Regard
   91.  CRA forms partnership with Kelly Sears Consulting Group
   92.  Don’t Lose Faith in Polling – CRA has accurately called elections for more than 20 years
   93.  Slight Majority of Nova Scotians Opposed to Hydrofracking in the Province
   94.  Un référendum aurait abouti à une défaite pour l’augmentation de la TVH, et à une décision partagée quant aux péages autoroutiers
   95.  Referendum Would Have Resulted in Defeat for HST Increase, Split Decision on Toll Highways
   96.  Atlantic Canadians Oppose EI Policy Changes
   97.  Atlantic Canadians Strongly Support an All-in Pricing Strategy
   98.  NB Electoral Boundary Changes
   99.  Peu de Néo Brunswickois sont opposés au récent remaniement de la carte électorale
   100.  Few New Brunswickers are Opposed to Recent Electoral Boundary Changes
   101.  Nova Scotians Agree the NDP Government Should Balance the Budget
   102.  Majority of NL Residents Support the Muskrat Falls Project
   103.  NL NDP Surges to Tie PCs in Voter Support
   104.  Voter Intentions Tighten as Satisfaction with NB PC Declines
   105.  Les intentions des électeurs se renforcent pendant que la satisfaction quant aux Progressistes-Conservateurs du N.-B. diminue
   106.  HRM Residents Continue to Support Dividing the Municipality into Two Units
   107.  NS Liberals Maintain Lead over NDP Although Margin Declines
   108.  PEI Liberals and NDP Gain at PC Expense
   109.  New HRM Municipal Council and Mayor Receive Positive First Grade
   110.  Federal Liberal Party Rebounds in Atlantic Canada
   111.  Le Parti libéral fédéral rebondit au Canada atlantique
   112.  Support for NB PC Government Remains Stable, Liberal Party Gains Ground with New Leader
   113.  Le support quant au gouvernement Progressiste-Conservateur demeure stable, tandis que le Parti libéral gagne du terrain avec le nouveau chef
   114.  Islanders Continue to be Dissatisfied with the Liberal Government
   115.  NS Liberals Maintain Lead in Voter Support, PC Party Making Gains
   116.  Support for NL PC Government Stable, Remains Highest in Atlantic Canada
   117.  Support for Splitting HRM Softens with Election of New Mayor
   118.  New Saint John Mayor and Council Enjoy High Satisfaction and Confidence
   119.  Nova Scotians are Divided on Eliminating Provincial “Protected Ridings”
   120.  Atlantic Canadians Prefer an Opt-Out Approach to Organ Donation
   121.  Support for Division of HRM Remains Unchanged Since 2005
   122.  Majority Support Changing the Name of HRM to Simply the City of Halifax
   123.  Nova Scotia Provincial Liberals Move Ahead of NDP in Voter Support
   124.  Support for NL PC Government Continues to Erode
   125.  Tandis que la satisfaction quant au gouvernement provincial du N.-B. demeure stable, le support diminue
   126.  While NB Provincial Government Satisfaction Remains Stable, Support Declines
   127.  Support for PEI Liberal Government Continues to Decline
   128.  Support for Mike Savage as the Next Mayor of HRM Remains High
   129.  Atlantic Canadians are Divided Regarding the Legalization of Marijuana
   130.  Small Majority of Atlantic Canadians Oppose the Legalization of Brothels in Canada
   131.  NL Government Satisfaction Declines Sharply but Remains Highest in the Region
   132.  Nova Scotia NDP and Liberals in Statistical Tie in Voter Support
   133.  Sharp Decline in Satisfaction with PEI Government
   134.  Le support accordé au gouvernement Progressiste-Conservateur du Nouveau-Brunswick demeure stable
   135.  Support for NB PC Government Remains Steady
   136.  Mike Savage Preferred as Next HRM Mayor by a Wide Margin
   137.  Corporate Research Associates Launches SocialShadow
   138.  Margaret Brigley Named President & COO of CRA
   139.  2012 Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada
   140.  NL Government Satisfaction Remains High
   141.  PEI Government Satisfaction High
   142.  Support For New Brunswick PC Government Stable, although Satisfaction Declined
   143.  La satisfaction quant au gouvernement Progressiste-Conservateur est stable, bien que la satisfaction a diminué
   144.  Nova Scotia Government Satisfaction Declines
   145.  Residents Continue to Support Division of HRM into Two Municipal Units
   146.  Majority Believe HRM Transit Should Be Designated An Essential Service
   147.  Savage Increasingly Preferred As Next Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality
   148.  CRA Celebrates the Season with a Visit from Santa
   149.  Public Opinion in New Brunswick Divided on Shale Gas Exploration
   150.  L’opinion publique au Nouveau-Brunswick est mélangée sur l’exploration du gaz de schiste
   151.  Time for a Public Debate: HRM Residents Support Division of the Municipality
   152.  PEI Liberal Support Strong
   153.  Nova Scotia Government Satisfaction Increased
   154.  Support For NL Liberals Plunges, While PC Support High Following Election
   155.  La satisfaction quant au gouvernement augmente
   156.  New Brunswick Government Satisfaction Increased
   157.  Savage Continues To Be Preferred Choice for HRM Mayor
   158.  Consumer Confidence Rebounds on Heels of Shipbuilding Contract Award
   159.  Guardian Poll indicates Robert Ghiz’s Government will be Returned to Office
   160.  L’opinion publique est mélangée sur l’exploration du gaz de schiste
   161.  Public Opinion in Moncton and Saint John Mixed on Shale Gas Exploration
   162.  Support for New Brunswick Conservative Government Declines
   163.  Le Support Pour Le Gouvernement Conservateur Diminue
   164.  Nova Scotia NDP Support is Stable
   165.  PEI Liberal Support Strong Heading into the Election
   166.  NL PCs Lead by a Wide Margin Going Into Election
   167.  Mike Savage Support for HRM Mayor Now Exceeds Support for Peter Kelly
   168.  Majority do not feel HRM Mayor should Resign over Cash-for-Concerts Scandal
   169.  Savage and Kelly Equally Preferred as Next HRM Mayor
   170.  Nova Scotia NDP Support Increases In Wake Of Federal Election
   171.  La Satisfaction Avec Le Gouvernement Augmente Considérablement
   172.  Support For NL Progressive Conservatives Decreases
   173.  PEI Liberal Support Decreases In Wake Of Federal Election
   174.  Satisfaction with NB Government Increases Significantly
   175.  Residents Continue to Support Division of HRM
   176.  Majority Support for Halifax Convention Centre Continues
   177.  Halifax Residents Support Significantly Smaller Council
   178.  Overwhelming Public Support For Retention Of Halifax Skating Oval
   179.  PEI Liberal Support Increases
   180.  Nova Scotia NDP Support Erodes
   181.  Satisfaction avec la partie Progressiste-Conservateur a augmenté
   182.  Satisfaction With NB PCs Has Increased
   183.  Support For The NL Progressive Conservative Party Remains High
   184.  Majority of HRM Residents Oppose Council Decision to Maintain Status Quo on Council Size
   185.  Majority of Residents in HRM Support Proposed Convention Centre
   186.  New Brunswick PCs Enjoy Wide Lead In Support Over The Liberals
   187.  Les progressistes-conservateurs apprécient leur grande avance à propos du soutien au-dessus des libéraux
   188.  Satisfaction With Nova Scotia NDP Government Rebounds
   189.  Race Narrows Between PEI Liberals And PCs
   190.  Williams’ Popularity As A Premier Unmatched In Canadian History
   191.  NL Residents Remain Highly Satisfied with Provincial Government
   192.  Assessment of PEI Liberal Government Remains Stable
   193.  Satisfaction with Nova Scotia NDP Government is Stable
   194.  Les Libéraux Du Nouveau-Brunswick Débutent Dans L’élection Avec Une Marge Étroite
   195.  New Brunswick Liberals Enter Election With Narrow Lead
   196.  2010 Atlantic Canada’s Best Places to Work
   197.  Mixed Reaction To Political Party Best Suited To Deal With Issues In New Brunswick
   198.  Little Change In Assessment Of PEI Liberal Government
   199.  NS Liberals Benefit From Drop In Popularity of NDP Government
   200.  Support For PC Government in NL Remains Highly Favourable

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