Qualitative Research

Quality market research methods that make a difference

With our team of eight professionally-trained, experienced moderators, Corporate Research Associates conducts hundreds of focus groups, dyads, triads and one-on-one interviews every year in both English and French.  Our use of innovative online qualitative methodologies also offer clients robust, cost-effective and flexible solutions.   

Our moderators are

  • Seasoned in managing projects on sensitive topics
  • Adept at utilizing projective techniques
  • Specialized in creative evaluation, brand positioning, understanding perceptions and consumer opinions of products and services

Our qualitative services include

  • Expertise in recruiting
  • Dedicated focus group facilities located centrally at our offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • Focus groups throughout Canada, U.S. and Bermuda, utilizing the most appropriate and cost-effective venues in major centres.