Proprietary Panels

For unparalleled access to your customers look at our ProprietaryPlus Panels.  Building panels of customers (consumer or business) allows you to access your customer base for a variety of research purposes in a highly time-efficient and cost-effective manner.  Owning your own panel significantly reduces the costs related to data collection with a savings of up to 40% relative to traditional telephone research.

The ability to deliver media rich content allows such panels to be highly effective at providing assessments of advertising campaigns and communications programs.  Evaluations of new service or product offerings are ideal for this research application.  Advantages of using CRA’s ProprietaryPlus Panels . . .

* Affordable set-up costs and low ongoing cost of research
* In-depth profiling of the customer base allowing segmentation and targeting of sub-populations
* Committed respondents with high response rates and access to hard-to-reach segments
* Timely survey on current issues
* Effective audience from which to recruit participants for qualitative research
* Strengthening relationships with panel members – your customers -  by demonstrating the importance of their opinions in decision making

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